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Brain transplant

iTunes. A great program that leaves your life in a mess if you share a household with another music lover and iTunes consumer. I’ve always manually managed keeping my library and my wife’s library more or less in sync, without excessive duplication (thanks to symlinks). It’s a lot of work though, and the result is a library spread across several hard drives, no consistency, and no process that my wife can understand or duplicate (“How do I get the songs in your library into mine again?” Sorry Apple, but any answer that begins with “First mount the network drive in your account…” isn’t going to cut it).

I had hopes for AppleTV coming to the rescue, but the truth is, Apple does not rescue problems that affect only 1% of users, their rationale for the recent switch from ExpressCard slots to SD card slots. I feel sorry for the 15″ MacBook Pro users that just got hosed by Apple. The right solution was to include an SD card adapter already installed. Or to add a second port.

Anyway, tonight I am upgrading my wife’s laptop and my laptop with 500 GB hard drives. The only way I can make a solution that works for her is to consolidate everything in her library, and mine. I’m going away for a year, so the libraries will fork during that time, and then I get to reconsolidate them. Good times.

Apple, fix iTunes. It cries out for a client-server database-driven solution.

July 13, 2009   Comments Off