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Posts from — March 2011

Troubleshooting hardware/software interaction

When you’re trying to figure out what when wrong, you have to look at all the variables, not just the obvious ones.

I rebooted my hackintosh a few days ago, and instead of booting to the Chameleon boot loader screen, it hung on the spinner. I decided to leave it to the weekend to fix. I hadn’t performed any updates to important system software so I figured it was going to be small nightmare to track down whatever minuscule change had broken the system. I had been making a back up image of the boot partition on a daily basis, but I stopped a few weeks ago when I swapped in an old hard drive that was giving me problems so that I could recover some files from it.

This morning I began the recovery process by removing that old drive and plugging the recovery image drive in. But, dang it, the recovery drive wouldn’t get past the “recovering DMI pool data” message, which means the BIOS couldn’t pass drive information to the boot loader. On a hunch I tried rebooting from the main drive again, and this time it worked with no issues. So I conclude that the old, scratch drive I had been using finally gave up the ghost and Chameleon was choking on trying to read the disk to see if it contained a bootable partition. Possibly if I had let it try long enough, it would have past the problem drive.

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