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Falling behind

The Instapundit notes where the US is falling behind Russia, India, and now Japan.

India. Russia.

JAPAN ACTIVATES the Monju Fast-Breeder Reactor. If we’d started building these in the 1970s, the world’s energy probems would be largely solved, and carbon emissions would be much lower. But environmentalists blocked them. Thanks for nothin’, guys.

We could have had this here, too. Perhaps we can power our future cars with rainbows and unicorns, since we are about to experience 30 years of irrational panic about off-shore drilling. On the other hand, spending some time up close and personal with Mother Nature in her untamed state has a way of whetting people’s appetite for risk.

(From “Japan Activates the Monju Fast-Breeder Reactor…“, via Instapundit.)