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Wallpaper. Furniture. Two great tastes that… nevermind

I’m going through a backlog of posts from Cool Hunting. Here is a good one. This company refurbishes old furniture with wallpaper. First, they make wallpaper this awesome? Who knew? And secondly, I really like the style. I could see going crazy with this. My inner craftsman wants to know, how hard is this to do at home? The curmudgeon doubts that the surfaces hold up to anything more demanding than a glance.

Bryonie Porter Black

The handcrafted pieces aren’t just simple cut and paste jobs, but rather subtle and elegant pieces that dynamically engage simple furniture and enthusiastic prints. A black bureau with embossed black flowers elegantly boasts the clean lines of the piece, while a children’s bookcase displays a map of the world.

Bryonie Porter Map BookshelfBryonie Porter Yellow

(Original article via Cool Hunting.)