"So there are Oliphaunts. But no one at home will ever believe me."
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The Rivulet of Lethe

I can’t say why exactly, but sleep does not come easily here, and the quality of sleep I’m getting is poor. It’s not that I have a bad place to sleep. We’re in a combat zone and I have a room to myself, a mattress, sheets, and several pillows. But I try to sleep, and sleep does not come. I can’t complain that it is the most physically trying aspect of Iraq, it has been a lot worse for most, and conditions are still worse for many.

A colleague visited another FOB recently. As he was walking from his room to somewhere else at night, taking long, purposeful strides, he walked straight into a six foot deep ditch.

I told him to stay safe, since he was the only one of us here who was really in the trenches.