"So there are Oliphaunts. But no one at home will ever believe me."
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Sound and Fury

It’s started to rain here in Iraq. We had some rain a few weeks ago, but just light showers. It’s not doing much more than drizzling right now, but there is a terrific light show going on. The lightning here seems fatter and less fleeting than elsewhere. Whole earth, even the far horizon seems to light up when a bolt lingers in the clouds. The feeling is vast and the scene is panoramic. The air is richly perfumed with petrichor. It is strange how thunderstorms in different parts of the world have a distinct feel to them. Different here than Georgia, which is different from Seattle, which is different from eastern Washington.

I finished a major project today, a system for tracking the expenditure of ammunition. The result was a series of linked spreadsheets of byzantine complexity. Bullets are not simple business, and the government’s supply system is self-evidently not designed by expert data modelers.