"So there are Oliphaunts. But no one at home will ever believe me."
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I spoke to a Special Agent today from the Criminal Investigation Division. We had a very bad work-related accident here at the beginning of last month. There were a couple of fatalities; two guys I knew and liked. We weren’t close but I can still recall their faces and the last time we joked together.

When such a thing happens, it spawns several investigations. Usually a criminal investigation—just to be sure there was no criminal negligence—a safety investigation by the higher headquarters, and an internal investigation. I was appointed as the internal investigator, but my work was stymied because many of the key witnesses were incapacitated and evacuated to the US for treatment and rehabilitation. CID has a longer reach than me and can actually coordinate with agents in the US to conduct interviews on behalf of an ongoing investigation. So I had a long chat today about what the sworn testimony will say, when I finally get it. It’s helpful because it puts many of my questions to rest.

I can’t say anything yet, but that was the dominant event for today. I actually had morning meetings and late evening meetings as bookends. My day was so chopped up I never felt like I was able to concentrate on any one project. Unfortunately, a common occurrence.