"So there are Oliphaunts. But no one at home will ever believe me."
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A horrifying neologism

I also coined the term “omnibi” as the plural of choice for omnibus, for those who enjoy inapt back formations, in the spirit of the famous octopus. Like the pun, I think it is top notch.

A Google search for the term yields as the top result an article from the New York Times published on May 31, 1853. It seems to be a diatribe against the degradation forced on the customers of public transportation, so you know the author is a right thinking gentle. The author seems to know to correctly use the “omnibuses” so I guess that “omnibi” crops up as an error with the character recognition.

The article itself is a hilarious rant and could be republished today with minor changes. Recommanded. Hopefully this or this will work as permanent links.

I didn’t find any other evidence of the use of omnibi as a plural for omnibus, whether intended ironically, sincerely, or condescendingly (or condecerely), although Google reports over 20,000 hits.