"So there are Oliphaunts. But no one at home will ever believe me."
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That’s my fun day…

We are alternating days between work and fun. On work days, we go to the house and work for a few hours, pack up some boxes, and clean a little bit. Usually a visit to a restaurant is involved. Today was a work day. Tomorrow I’m taking the kids to Enchanted Village. I loved that place growing up and I’m sure I pleaded to go down there far to often for my parents to tolerate.

I remember that I thought that the movie for The Neverending Story was a timeless classic when I was twelve. It doesn’t really hold up well, although the kids today love it too. Of course, they can see it whenever they want thanks to the miracle of technology. Anyway, I hope that the enchantment on this particular village isn’t just an easily penetrated glamour.

Two days ago, the last work day, we left the kids with Grandma for a few hours of work at the other house. We actually stranded them there because @agentwool made me take her down to Olympia to buy shoes, we got hungry, one restaurant led to another and before we knew it we were eating at Basilico, the best unknown Italian restaurant I’ve been to since I’ve been to Italy. We totally overstayed and probably ticked off the grandma in return. So today I made reservations for their seasonal six course wine dinner. We’re treating her parents as a way of expressing our gratitude for helping out with the move (and the house…) and I can’t wait to go back there. A true gem of Olympia.