"So there are Oliphaunts. But no one at home will ever believe me."
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Took the family to Point Defiance today for something I have been meaning to do for a while: driving in small funny cars around a track for several minutes.

Actually it was a lot of fun. I drove each kid for one session. First up was Dorothy, who sat and smiled and each time yelled, “Yeah!” when I leaned over and shouted “Are you having fun?” I could see it being scary and after the first lap I started driving pretty aggressively. I needed to make sure I wasn’t scarring her emotionally. Her face, Mrs. Xaritas tells me, was unreadably blank during the drive-bys.

Next, Christopher. He held on for dear life, gripping my knee which was pressed up against him in the cramped double Go-Kart, and alternated between courageously submerged terror and wind-in-your-hair exuberance.

Finally Nicholas, who was practically vibrating with eagerness, got a chance. He loves all things mechanical. He’s terrified not of acts of physical danger but of failure and looking foolish. So I think my driving him enabled him to experience it as pure exhilaration. At least, that is how his face looked.

Best part: realizing that the “snaking” mechanics of Mario Kart aren’t totally fictitious. It really does help to fishtail a bit around the corners to pick up speed. My only regret is that @agentwool did not participate, but at least she live-tweeted it, with pictures.

Price was $6.00 for a normal ride, and $8.00 for the double karts. Worth it. Kids were asking to make it an annual tradition. Cute, because they have no concept of time.