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Dragging… it… out…

I thought I would enjoy my vacation more if we sprinkled the moving days throughout. I feel like I have failed, because it hangs over us.

I don’t think that Kirsten and I could have done it ourselves, or even with a little neighborly help. So the alternative, in retrospect, would have been to hire some labor and get a big truck, and tuck the kids somewhere, and spend two or three days in a concentrated frenzy of packing, moving, stacking, storing and unpacking.

It would have cost a lot of money, separated me for a few days from the kids, and turned the rest of the vacation into dealing with the aftermath of hundreds of items showing up all at once.

Am I wrong? Or did I do it the right way? Or maybe there is no right answer and moving sucks no matter how you approach it. Time, money, stress… I guess you can optimize for one or two but you just increase the quantity of the remaining factors.

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1 Dad { 07.14.09 at 8:51 pm }

Your Mom and I have moved so many times I’ve lost track and it has never been a good experience. We did find some comfort in our last move believing it to be our last. We hope.