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Canon VIXIA HFS-100 fumble test

So, I just got this new toy. The following video was shot after ripping the camera out of the box and fumbling with it to figure out how to turn it on, set it to high quality, zoom and focus. Hence it is nothing more than the fumble test. Here is a sample of what you get with the “raw” AVHDC conversion to Apple Intermediate codec, and another sample of what you get when you use iMovie 09′s Share > Export Movie… > HD option (720p).

The links below should pop a QuickTime player for you. Both are large files at high resolutions. Cuts are about 16 seconds each (I didn’t bother trying to make them exactly the same but the overlap is considerable).

Apple Intermediate, 1920×1080 pixels, 214 MB

iMovie HD Export, 1280×720 pixels, 24 MB

Light in the room was above average (very sunny out, large windows on three sides, high ceiling).

By the way, I really like the camera. I’m already wondering if I should get the extra battery and charge, and a wide angle lens. Still, too bad about that viewfinder, Canon.