"So there are Oliphaunts. But no one at home will ever believe me."
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The long bloggy road

I axed the stock photos for my own. Hard to pick photos that look good in tiny little strips so this is merely an intermediate improvement, a strike against stock photos and for idiosyncratic independence.

The pictures themselves have a static URL and they were easy to find with the terminal on the host serving this blog. I copied the stock photo to a trial version of Acorn to grab the dimensions, then exported a few pictures from Munich (October 2008) from iPhoto as the required 845 pixel wide versions, and used Acorn again to load the same photos on the appropriately sized canvas, saving the cropped versions. I scp’d these into the right location on the host and everything worked as expected. I used Acorn because it’s offered in the MacHeist (Spring 2009) bundle. I couldn’t figure out how to mask the photo to the right dimensions but it looked like a decent little app for a quick edit. Nice brushes.

Added this blog to MarsEdit, along with Kirsten’s blog. I like MarsEdit—I’m using it to write this post—and I’m going to buy it, but it really needs to use the media library exposed by iPhoto and the rest of the iLife gang.

Blogging about blogging is lame, true, but it is the impetus to create my first new category: metablogging.

Next up: correcting deficiencies like updating the default WordPress blogroll, replacing default text on the About page, and perhaps some theme customization.